About The Founder, Paulette Fox

They say from tragedy comes triumph. This is the story of LifeIce.

In Summer 2010, the idea for LifeIce was borne out of recipes I made to comfort, hydrate and nourish my mother, who had been bravely battling ovarian cancer. Doctors suggested giving her ice chips, as it seems many people respond to the soothing cool crunch of ice. And my mother was no different. But, while the ice was hydrating her, it lacked any nutritional value. So, in the family kitchen that I grew up in, using a variety of healthy ingredients, I began blending and then freezing flavorful batches of “nutritional ice chips.”

Using ice as a delivery system for nourishment, my mother ate these nutritional ice chips – and only these nutritional ice chips – for the next few weeks. Defying all odds, she stayed with us beyond the doctors’ expectations. Every one of those extra days was a gift that I never imagined I could give.

Several months after her passing, I found myself in Bali in search of a place to heal. It was there that inspiration struck. Borne was the idea to turn this seemingly simple concept, which arose out of necessity, into a complex, delicious and nourishing frozen treat.

And so, the journey began.

After two years of extensive research, development and testing, LifeIce was launched on April 24, 2013, my mother's birthday. I am proud to stand behind this wonderful product, having brought LifeIce: FROM ICE to LIFE.

-Paulette Fox, Founder of LifeIce

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