A LifeIce Summer Wrap-Up

Posted on Sun, Sep 08, 2013
Cubettes Meet World. World Meet Cubettes.

It's a wrap! LifeIce's first summer is now in the books. And what a fantastic one it was.


This summer we introduced "The New Frozen Way to Snack Healthy" to so many people who adopted LifeIce in almost as many different ways. We saw:

Interest From... health conscious consumers, diet-conscious consumers, conscientiousness parents, curious kids, active adults and those struggling with their health.

Use of LifeIce For... a morning pick-me-up, a midday workplace snack, a post-workout refreshment, an afterschool snack for kids, a guilt-free dessert, a late night treat, a nourishing substitute for ice chips during pregnancy and labor, while undergoing chemo or after surgery, as well as a soothing solution to combat the common cold, flu or sore throat.

LifeIce Consumed As... an entire 24 cubette serving popped into a bowl like ice cream, split in half and divided up for two to enjoy 12 cubettes each, a single row at a time just to quench that snack craving, a finish to a homemade smoothie, and even a nourishing complement to beverages from bottled water to champagne.

So many people! So many options!


And we had the opportunity to reach all these newfound "LifeIcers" due to some wonderful events and acknowledgements. Some of those highlights include:

  • Making our trade show debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show, where LifeIce was honored by being named as part of the Top 5 Food Trends - out of the 180,000 products shown;
  • Participation in the goodie bag for Super Saturday 16 benefiting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund;
  • Selling out donated LifeIce product on QVC in connection with its live broadcast from the Super Saturday event;
  • Plenty of media coverage (see more at LifeIce Press);
  • Selected to compete with two other start-ups on the Dream Big America nationally-syndicated radio show;
  • Landing on store shelves with our first retail opportunities; 
  • And much, much more.


If you haven't yet already, we invite you to sign up for our LifeIce News to keep up with all the latest developments still to come.

And, if you still haven't tried LifeIce... well, what are you waiting for? It's ok to be curious! Head over to our LifeIce Shop and figure out for yourself: "How Do You LifeIce?"