Elevate Your Beverages With LifeIce

Posted on Wed, Mar 26, 2014

In addition to the typical use of LifeIce as a health- and diet-friendly frozen treat, many have been using our Cubettes as a smart substitute for ice cubes in smoothies, functional beverages and when juicing. No more watering down flavor profiles!

Where ice cubes water down the flavor profiles, our Cubettes only serve to enhance them, add an additional nutritional component, and contribute both a cooling function and a fun icy textural component that is much more enjoyable than plain ice cubes.


With Spring & Summer on the horizon (hopefully!), the time is right to introduce LifeIce into your daily routine as an ice cube substitute. Whether you are elevating your smoothies and homemade juices or coming up with some creative "healthy cocktails", LifeIce is meant to be the new staple for every home freezer.