LifeIce FAQs


  1. What is a “cubette”?

    LifeIce cubettes are perfectly bite-sized ices, designed with our patent-pending coffee bean-like top. 

  2. What does “Freeze & Eat” mean?

    LifeIce is a “Freeze & Product” treat. This means it is sold in liquid form, at room temperature, therefore offering convenience. It gives portability, mobility and the freedom to freeze your LifeIce when you want to. Our custom-engineered cubette trays can stay shelf stable for at least 1 Year. That is how long LifeIce can remain outside of your freezer.  

  3. Are LifeIce products Kosher?

    Yes. LifeIce products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union -- the world's most recognized and trusted kosher certifying party -- and thus, have a Circle U designation. 

  4. Are LifeIce products gluten-free?

    Yes. Our products are tested for gluten and meet FDA's proposed requirement of 20ppm (0.002%) of gluten.

  5. How Long Does It to Freeze?

    All freezers vary, but at least several hours. (An Insider Tip: The trays will freeze faster if taken out of the box and stored flat in the freezer).


  1. Coming Soon!


  1. Does LifeIce ship internationally?

    At this time, LifeIce is only sold in the U.S. Please email us at for shipping questions.