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Get Wellthy with LifeIce



Oprah reaches for LifeIce as a soothing snack


Specialty Food Association names LifeIce is "Healthy Ice Pop Round-Up"


 O Mag

LifeIce "Tiny Treats" makes Oprah's "O List"


LifeIce on FabLife Show as "Guilt Free Decadence"


LifeIce Debuts on QVC's "Food on Q"

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Frozen Superfood Cube: LifeIce Ice Chips


 Lyssa Weiss The Skinny Jeans Diet 41

LifeIce: "Brands I Love"


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7 of the Most Bizarre Gourmet Foods

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2015 Summer Fancy Food Show Highlights

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Fearless Fabulous You Radio Interview

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Ice Pop Innovations

 Happy Chemo LifeIce

5 Ways to Heal Faster

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LifeIce featured in Expo West Preview

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#FLYWHEELCHALLENGE: Your Nutrition Questions Answered


Cocktail Fun: Healthy Vodka Tonic with LifeIce


Gourmet Business

LifeIce is "Making it Easy for Moms to Find Healthy Snacks"


lifeice ny daily news 

LifeIce a "tasty innovation" at Fancy Food Show

Americas Test Kitchen

LifeIce is "5 Top Trends" at Fancy Food Show



It's A Party: Rustic July 4th Party Ideas



LifeIce featured as the "Latest Scoop"


LifeIce is OK! Magazine "Summer Must Have" 



LifeIce is a NY Magazine "Summer Must Have" 


Dress Magazine (Japan) LifeIce Feature



LifeIce Named a NEXTY Nominee at Expo West


The Newest Finished Products on the Market



New Food Finds for Kids

ABQ Journal

Gadgets Can Help You Spring Into Fitness


Food Editor's Pick: LifeIce, A New Healthy Snack Alternative


LifeIce is "What's New" for Modern Parents



Kind of Like Bite-Sized Popsicles


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Guilt-Free Eating: A New Low-Calorie, Low-Sugar Frozen Snack

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Tasty Treats: LifeIce Frozen Healthy Snacks


A New Finds’ Fave


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Unique Gift Ideas and Holiday Helpers


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Dr. Oz's "10 Wellness Tips for Workaholics"   

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 New Products: LifeIce, Flavored Ice 

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 "Gym Bag: Hot Item You Shouldn't Do Without"



 On the Market: A Closer Look at LifeIce, Bite-Sized Ices
 Data Monitor  LifeIce named "PLA Innovation of the Week"


 LifeIce Offer Natural, Healthy and Tasty Frozen Treats

The Epoch Times 

 The People Behind the Newest Gourmet Foods

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 LifeIce Has Healthful Alternative to Frozen Treats

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 Sold Out & Buzz-Worthy: The Great Food Show on Earth
Food Navigator LifeIce Carves a Niche in the Healthy Snacks Market
Consumer Headquarters  LifeIce: A Frozen Snack That Nourishes
Shelby Report  LifeIce Offers New Snack in the Form of Bite-Sized Ices
Grocery Headquarters  LifeIce Offer an Alternative to Traditional Frozen Treats
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund  A Daughter's Gift of Love Becomes a Mother's Leagacy
LivTr Collective  Read more about LifeIce's debut at the LivTru Collective